Hi, we're Prettylingo!

About us:

Hello, My name is Isake Grimes, I am the founder of Prettylingo a company used to help you express your ides using symbols. Prettylingo was born out of the need to help people connect golbally and promote their ideas, products or simply just sell stuff.

How does it work?
Create an account on our site. From there, log in and choose a lingovese. Post a text of the idea or product you wish to promote. Ensure that you follow the rules of the Lingoverse or your post will be removed. It is always helpful to surf the different lingoverses and post there as well to maximise your exposure. Always return and check on your posts as other visitors to the site may leave a reply or goldenegg.

Hey guys, My name is Isake grimes.I look foward to helping you in your planet surfing journey. My contact number is below.